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IFKKA Incorporated

IFKKA Incorporated

The International Federation of Karate Kyokushinkai Australia Incorporated (IFKKA) is registered as a community not-for-profit organisation with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. As such, it has to have a register of members, a board, a public officer, conduct regular meetings and AGMs, and submit its accounts to the government on an annual basis. All students and instructors over 18 yrs and 4th kyu and up are full voting members if they have been regular members for 18 months or more, and have the option to hold office in the IFKKA committee structure.

The incorporation of the IFKKA means that the executive committee is accountable to all members and the Dept of Fair Trading, and that it is run for the benefit of the members. Monies raised in IFKKA ventures such as tournaments, fund-raisers, camps etc... are all put back into the IFKKA coffers, and used to purchase capital equipment such as tournament mats, or to sponsor students going to out-of-town or overseas tournaments.

If you would like to see a copy of the IFKKA Constitution, you can download it from here.




The Kanku is one of the significant symbols of Kyokushin


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