Mark Mitchell Seminar

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Fighting Fit Seminar
5th May 




School holidays almost over!

Mark Mitchell Seminar

A scene from one of the previous Fight Fit Seminars

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Sensei Mark Mitchell Seminar

5th May, 1pm, KKC dojo

Our first contact training Seminar is coming up soon, but this time we'll hold it at KKC dojo on a Saturday afternoon. This will be useful for anyone planning on going to our Full Contact tournament in June.

If you are a green belt or higher, you should be attending these seminars, and any others on offer, as part of your training.

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IFKKA Interclub Full Contact

24th June, Venue TBA

Start training NOW! Full contact tournaments are a lot harder than Clicker, and you need to start training early. There will be divisions for juniors as well, with limited contact, as in previous years. Anyone 11 years old and 8th kyu and up can compete. Keep an eye out for details on this too.

2018 Contact

We're still looking for an appropriate venue for this event, and if you know of a nearby school or community hall for rent that's large enough (bigger than 10m x 10x, with lots of seating and parking, and not too expensive, please let me know as soon as possible.

Shihan Judd Reid Seminar

12th-13th May, Port Macquarie

Recently, Chris Rosiak from Kuro Obi dojo took part at the Shihan Judd Reid seminar in the Hunter Valley, organised by Hunta Karate Kyokushinkai Karate.

Shihan Judd is one of the most recent people to have done the 100-man Kumite (there's a documentary DVD available about this), and was the only Australian to ever complete the full 3 year Uchi-deshi program under Sosai Mas Oyama.

Chris Rosiak and Judd Reid

Port City Martial Arts (a Kyokushin dojo in Port Macquarie) is organising another one on the 12th and 13th of May. Yes, I know it's Mother's Day weekend, but it would still be worth a trip as Shihan Judd lives in Thailand these days, and doesn't visit Australia very often.

If you're interested, more details are available at

If you're going, please let your instructor know about it. If enough people are interested, maybe a group can go up together in a car pool?


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