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24th June

2018 Contact

This is where you get to practice your contact fighting - after all, you're learning Kyokushin karate, not basket weaving!

This will take place on June 24th from 2pm, at

Glebe-Leichhardt PCYC
2-4 Minogue Crescent,
Glebe NSW 2037

Entries are online at 


and entries close at midnight on Friday 15th.

Note that there will be a $5 spectator fee for anyone 12 and older.

Padded Contact

In addition the usual contact divisions (Adult, Cadets, and Junior) we also have a new division - Padded Contact, and this will be for those of you who are under 11, or would just like to try full-contact with a bit more protection.


Competitors will be matched according to similarities based on a combination of size, weight, grade, and experience. Chest padding and headguards will be provided if you don't have your own.

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Other calendar events

Annual Membership due 

1st July

If you joined us before May this year, your Annual Membership falls due on the 1st July. You will be sent a reminder and payment details. Keep an eye out for it in your email.

Kata Tournament

26th August

Click on the date to mark your Google calendar - the Interclub Kata Tournament will be taking place on the 26th of August - teams and individuals!. Start preparing now!

Senior Grading

9th September

Click on the date if you're you ready for this? Are you ? If you want to grade for 4th kyu and up, check with your instructor NOW to see whether you're eligible, and if so, start working on your techniques and stamina now. Here's a tip - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is up to par.

See you at the tournament!



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Shaharin Yussof, Shihan 5th Dan
President and Country Representative
International Federaton of Karate Kyokushinkai Australia Inc




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