Tournament results and Kata tournament coming up

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Tournament Results




Padded contact results

Eve & Rosanna

One of the exciting fights that took place on the day, just at the point of scoring!

It was a great day for all concerned and the fighters learnt a lot about themselves and the Spirit of Osu!  The competitors enjoyed it enormously, and showed what they were made of. Many asked when the next one was going to take place. Watch this space ....

A copy of the results is attached.

Here's another photo of some of the action.

Joe & Daniel

Other calendar events

Kata Tournament

26th August at KKC Karate Dojo


The long awaited kata tournament is our next event, and it will take place on the Sunday 26th of August. There will be both individual and team events for all ages and grades. To see which kata you can do as individuals or teams, download a copy of the Kata categories from the IFKKA website downloads page.

Entries close at midnight on the 17th August.

Register for kata tournament >>


Senior Grading

9th September - Kuro Obi Dojo

Click on the date to add it to your Google Calendar if you're you ready for this? Are you ?

If you want to grade for 4th kyu and up, check with your instructor NOW to see whether you're eligible, and if so, start working on your techniques and stamina now. Here's a tip - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is up to par.

Register for grading >>

Keep training hard!



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