11 Days

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Fun at the beach


11 days 


And then early bird prices are over!




And you'll need to book your camp T-shirt by then too if you want to be sure to get your size.


Friday of the camp will be specially geared towards the children. Adults are more than welcome - but you might have to take back seat - I mean, back row!


We don't get many opportunities to train with international Kyokushin experts, especially when it's the Vice-president of our own international organisation that has more than 50 member countries!


White belts, red belts, blue belts - this is a great opportunity to train with one of the legends of Kyokushin, and the internet is filled with pictures of people, now older, proudly showing them with someone who at the time had the same status, reputation, and record as Shihan David has now. And maybe, just maybe, one day YOU will be THAT person!


Family photo 2016

And then there's the beach training - or are they sweating that hard? This one from 2016 is going to need an update!


But don't let the photo opportunity be the only reason you're there.


As for yellow, green, and brown belts - consider this camp as part of your grading training - don't miss it!


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Shihan Shah

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