Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!




The camp is coming up soon! Don't miss out!


There's still time..



Use the promotional code kyokushin to get a 15% discount


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Yellow, green, and brown belts - seriously - do not miss out on this, whatever your age. If you have the grade, and want the next one, you need the experience. This camp is part of your grading training, and you will take away valuable lessons from it.



We have a tentative calendar for the whole coming year on the IFK Australia website. You really need to view it on a computer screen to get the full benefit, or print it out and stick it on your fridge or where ever you keep your important notices. Let me know if you would like it in PDF format instead.


This may be updated from time to time though. In the future, we'll also have an iCal version for you to link to your phone's or tablet's calendar.



If you want to get a headstart on getting fit for the camp, Kuro Obi dojo in Petersham starts training next week, 7th January.


If you're looking for something to do in the daytime over the next couple of weeks, and you're 6-12 years old, check out the Summer Day Camp at Kuro Obi Dojo.


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Shihan Shah

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IFK Australia Inc,


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