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World Tournament in Holland & Padded Contact in Sydney




2019 Padded Contact tournament

March 3rd - Book Now

Our first tournament of the year will be the Padded Contact tournament on the 3rd of March. It's VERY soon, so you'll have to get signed up as soon as possible. We also have the option for Junior Contact for the 11-17 year olds who might be interested in testing their mettle just a little bit harder. Speak to your instructor for more information. See the attached flier for more information.

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IFK World Kata Tournament and International Camp


24-27th April 2019

URGENT: ENTRIES TO THE TOURNAMENT AND CAMP must be in by the 15th of February  

If you're interested, please contact me ASAP - or 0414 777 251

The IFK Australia Committee have agreed that we will provide a subsidy to suitably qualified members who are 4th kyu or higher and 16 years or older to go to the abovenamed WORLD TOURNAMENT and participate in the CAMP. 

Some conditions will apply, such as required length of training after your return, participation in all events and fundraising, and giving seminars about the things you learnt at the camp. If you are 16-17 years old and a brown belt, you could enter in the Junior Division of the tournament too.

Senior Grading

31st March - Kuro Obi Dojo

Click on the date to add the new date to your Google Calendar if you're planning on being ready for it? Are you ?

If you want to grade for 4th kyu and up, check with your instructor NOW to see whether you're eligible. Keep working on your techniques and stamina NOW. There's not much time left! Here's a tip - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is up to par-  REALLY - I mean it - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is good (and all your other stances too)!

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Keep training hard!



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