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Tournament Results and Fundraising




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Tournament Results

Our first tournament of the year was a great success, with some great fights, and an excellent and spirited display from the first timers - even white belts! The results are attached. 

What was very evident was that experience shows - those who had been in previous tournaments fought better and smarter. We'll keep them coming!

Many Thanks

As usual, no event just magically happens. It takes the work of many people's time and effort, and all of it is volunteer work.

Firstly, we'd like to express our thanks to those who offered their help on the day: Wayne Clarke and Chris Macleod for their BBQ skils, and Anita and Mia Zamattia for helping with the serving of the BBQ.

Secondly, all the parents and students who helped to pack up the mats, put away chairs, and generally clean up. If we don't do that, then we may not be able to use the venue again in the future. Many hands make light work, and your efforts are appreciated. Thanks also to Sensei Jenny and her van, Vinnie, for managing the transport of the mats back and forth from Kuro Obi dojo in Petersham.

Thirdly, Griffyn and Liam Harris who did the raffle selling. Kudos to Liam, not 10 years old yet, for the hussle of the day. Anita asked for 3 tickets for $5.00, paying with a $10.00 note. Liam replied, "Well, I don't have change, how about I just give you 6 tickets for $10.00". It worked! He's going to go far. 

We shouldn't forget the officials either, without whom there would be no competition. Many thanks to Sensei Jenny, Senpai Shigemi, Jack Britton, James Fang, and Scott Harris.

Thanks also to Tom Green, and Jonathan and Gabriel Fabi for marshalling the competitors (when they weren't fighting themselves), and last, but not least, Karl Murr, who as tournament coordinator for this event - his first time in that role - did a great job of managing the flow of events, with help from Noah Mardoquio as time-keeper.

Fourthly, all the parents who gave up their time so that their children could compete at the tournament.

And if I've forgotten or missed out anyone, please accept my apologies


Those of you were were at the tournament have already been told about our need for fundraising plans in the future, and indeed you've already contributed towards it. We have a number of projects on the go!

All our fundraising activities - and pretty much ALL our activities ARE fundraising activities - are geared towards being able to bring more visiting instructors from overseas to teach us new ways and methods, such as our annual visit from Shihan David Pickthall (IFK International Vice-President) and also to send our students overseas to tournaments and/or camps.

We have in the past sent an adult team to IFK World tournament in 1996, and to Junior World tournaments 2006, 2011, and 2015, and Shihan David has been here 5 times now. But all of these exercises are expensive!. The Junior World Tournaments cost on the order of $15,000 on each occasion, and there are many more opportunities coming up but we need the funds for it. So here are some of the fundraising activities coming up.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

On Wednesday THIS week (6th March) 60 boxes of Chocolate Easter Eggs will arriving at my door, and these will be distributed to the dojos. We hope that every family will take at least one box, and sell bags of eggs to whoever wants them. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers. I'm SURE you've done it before - now do it for our organisation, IFK Australia, instead.

NSW Election day BBQ at KKC dojo

The tournament BBQ was very successful given the number of people who were there. Thanks to all those hungry souls who contributed. 

However, we have bigger things on the horizon. Saturday 23rd March is NSW Election day.

The building that KKC dojo in Five Dock is in is a registered polling station with an expected voter turnout of about 2000 people, and we have been offered the opportunity to host a BBQ there for the hungry voters.

To this end, we will need volunteers to help staff the stall on the day. Anthony Zamattia is organising the roster, with shifts of only 2-3 hrs at a time. Please all help us by coming along to run the stall, otherwise it will only be the same few running the whole show all day.

Contact Anthony at or 0414 512 261 to see how you can help.

Bottle drive

Only 10c/bottle, but hundreds add up. I've seen respectable-looking people at Marrickville Metro digging them out of the rubbish bins. Money is money. Why let the big bottling companies keep all the surcharge?

Sensei Jenny is in the process of organising a mechanism whereby, if you want to take them to the collection points yourself, you can allocate the money to IFK Australia. Otherwise, keep bottles and aluminium drink cans, and bring them to your dojo once we have made arrangements to store them there.


We already had a raffle at the tournament this past weekend, and the prize was a $100 voucher for dinner for four at Nonna & Co, an Italian pizza and pasta restaurant that we had the pleasure of enjoying on the Saturday of this year's Summer Camp. Ilya Tsoutsman won that one - lucky him, and I hope he gets his fill there!  More information at

But wait - there's more. We're also organising a BIGGER raffle so that, like the Easter Eggs, you can get other people involved too. The first prize is a Gold Coast holiday - we're still working on the other prizes. If you have anything significant that you could donate as 2nd and/or 3rd prizes, or you know someone else who might be willing to donate, please let us know. 


We already had one - Nonna & Co - to whom we send our thanks.

As mentioned above, if anyone would like to sponsor us with prizes or cash in exchange for mentions the IFK Australia newsletter, dojo newsletters, and up-coming revised website, please do let us know so that we can get in touch with them.


Senior Grading

31st March - Kuro Obi Dojo

Click on the date to add the new date to your Google Calendar if you're planning on being ready for it? Are you ?

If you want to grade for 4th kyu and up, check with your instructor NOW to see whether you're eligible. Keep working on your techniques and stamina NOW. There's not much time left! Here's a tip - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is up to par-  REALLY - I mean it - make sure your zenkutsu dachi is good (and all your other stances too)!

Register for grading >>


KATA Tournament

May 26th

Put this in your diary.  Keep an eye out for more infomation.


If you made it this far, I appreciate your persistence, and I hope that you will be making it work for the students' benefit!

Keep training hard!



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Shaharin Yussof, Shihan 5th Dan
President and Country Representative
International Federation of Karate Australia Inc




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