Thanks to the BBQers!

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The BBQ was great!




Some of the helpers at the BBQ selling to a customer.

Here are some of the young helpers from KKC selling a sausage to a voter.



According to the news today, it seems we didn't sell BBQ sausages. Apparently, today they're called "democracy sausages".

With apologies to Shakespeare however, a sausage by any other name tastes as sweet, and the support we got from IFK Australia members was very impressive, from members who turned up to help, and quite a few who turned up JUST to buy as sausage roll, including some friends who came ALL the way from Narrabeen! Well, apart from them, maybe the others also came to vote, but we'll pretend they came for us. 

The turn-out was most gratifying. Thank you, again.

It's a VERY long list of helpers, but at the VERY top of the list is Anthony Zamattia who was the main mover-and-shaker for this event by a long shot, closely followed and supported by his family - Anita, Mia, and Gabriel.

Long lists of names in long running paragraphs are often difficult to read, so I'm putting all you awesome people into a table, so your name doesn't get lost .

All of the following people helped in SOME manner or other - either managing, making, selling, or spruiking (yes, I'm talking about you, Emmanuel !!!) some aspect of today's BBQ.

Lolita Cronin
Alex Khromtsov
Veronica Khromtsov
Steve Contellis
Karl Murr
Mikayla Contellis
Ivan D'Amico
Eva D'Amico
Alexander D'Amico
Jonathan Fabi
Gabriel Fabi
Emmelina Ho
Jamilla Ho
Belinda Lay
Sonia Tame
Jamie Denholm

Sensei Jenny
Jamie Scott
Jack Britton
David Green
Allegra Slade
Senpai Shigemi
Justin Slade
Danny Lai
Anna Dey
Scott Harris
Misri Kotecha
Thomas Green
Luella Green
Emmanuel Vallas
Joanne Vallas

We may have the opportunity to do this all again in about 2 months time - we have a FEDERAL election looming too, possibly in May!

Let's hope though that they don't schedule it for the same weekend as our Kata Tournament, which is planned for the 26th of May, otherwise we might have to re-schedule it.

A couple of BBQers

Can't leave you without another picture of the event - a couple of BBQers and the helpers in the background!

Keep training hard!



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Shaharin Yussof, Shihan 5th Dan
President and Country Representative
International Federation of Karate Australia Inc




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