This form is for students who are going to be joining any of the IFK Australia dojos


Please select which club/dojo you are joining.

Student's Details
Contact Details

This is for the contact details of students 18 years and older - or the primary contact for a student under 18 years of age.

If the student is over 14-17 years of age and has a phone number and email, and the student's parent/guardians permit him/her to be contacted directly, then put these in this section with the parent/guardian details in the next sections.


In case of Emergency
Health Information

Do any of the above applicants suffer, or have ever suffered, from any medical condition or injury, or be on any medication that may affect their ability to train? e.g. asthma, high blood pressure, insulin-dependent diabetes, previous knee or back injuries etc...

NB: should any of the information specified in relation to injury or illness listed here change, the onus is on the student to inform theinstructor as soon as they become aware of this, and prior to taking part in any further training sessions.

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